With our specialization in liquid nutritional supplements to support animal health and reduce the use of antibiotics, we improve your business profit. We develop, manufacture and supply nutritional supplements, detergents and disinfectants, chickpaper, feed overheating inhibitors, and hoofcare products.

Our business approach is focused on drinking water hygiene and liquid nutritional supplements that are mainly administered via drinking water or liquid feed. Animals drink at least twice as much as they eat. If an animal is sick or stressed, it will take less food, but keep drinking. This makes water the perfect medium for supporting animal health with nutritional supplements.

It is also possible to add our dietary supplements to the basic feed ration. In this way, we optimize your daily rations and protect the feed mixture against overheating.


Mission and vision

Healthy Animals and Healthy Farms – that’s what we stand for. We support animal health by the addition of liquid nutritional supplements, and ensure better animal welfare by reducing the use of antibiotics. Healthy animals perform better, which results in higher business profits for farmers.
We strive to be a leading company in the development of sustainable alternatives to antibiotics, leading to improvements in animal health, animal welfare and business results.

Innovation and commitment

Through our agricultural background and years of experience we have developed into a suitable partner which, together with you as a farmer, is tackling current issues in the livestock sector. We have been successfully sharing our innovative products with you for years, in order to achieve optimal results. To accomplish this, we will give you technical advice and guidance in the use of our products. In order to continue providing the best advice, after conducting a business analysis we make a customized business programme. By combining practical knowledge with the many trends and developments in the agricultural sector, we optimize our product range and develop new products.


Quality – GMP-HACCP

Kanters is GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. The GMP standard also concerns the approach of the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) system. This means analyzing all the links in the production process, and identifying and documenting product quality and product safety. All potential risks in this regard are appropriately controlled through prescribed procedures and instructions. All products are produced according to GMP and HACCP in our modern factory, and tested in research facilities to ensure safe products of excellent quality. This is confirmed by farmers worldwide, and by interventions that benefit from the results every day.

Your way to a healthy profit

Kanters provides total solutions to the farmer. To achieve this it is important that for all kinds of situations and health issues products are present that make a positive contribution to the recovery of animal health and improve the operating result. Therefore Kanters has an extensive range of liquid nutritional supplements via drinking water.

Our products are divided into five functional groups:

  1. Cleaning and disimfection agents
  2. Support for lasting animal health
  3. Care products for better animal welfare
  4. Supporting gut health
  5. Promoting technical results

Within each functional group, the products may vary depending on the species, the type of animal, but also farm specific situation. Therefore, it is important that, before coming to an approach, to conduct a farm analysis first. This analysis and the subsequent farm program allows us in working together with your vet and feed supplier and to support you best.



1984: Traditionally a broiler farm

Early 80’s Kanters started as a broiler farm with innovative ideas about reducing the use of antibiotics, water hygiene and stimulating animal health via drinking water. The broiler farm was one of the first with a computerized management information system. Kanters was able to collect daily technical results and analyze the animal performance very accurately. Because the Kanters’ farm was at the time one of the few farms where such information could be gathered, several companies in the industry came to the farm to do trials. Kanters used the information from these tests as a basis for its own product development.   AA

1988: Establishment of Kanters Special Products B.V.

Innovative ideas lead to production and trade. Kanters Special Products BV is founded.

1996: Sales increase

1996: Sales increase

Sales of products to various countries around the world is rising. The products are exported to 25 countries.

2002: GMP+ certification

Kanters suffice with all laws and regulations regarding product safety and product quality. Therefore we received the GMP + certificate.

2007: New location

2007: New location

From the office next to the broilerfarm at the Middenakkerweg in Beek en Donk Kanters moves into brand new factory at the Stater 32 in Lieshout.

2011: TNO project

In 2011 Kanters and TNO have joined forces to investigate if there is a possibility to use natural resources as a replacement for antibiotics in the intensive livestock. The study should provide a rapid delivery of active substitutes for antibiotics. Early 2014 the first data were released.

2014: Complete program – Your way to a healthy profit

With here specialization in liquid nutritional supplements Kanters as developed a complete program, allowing them to offer total solutions to the farmer. The extensive range is divided into five functional groups that make a positive contribution to the support of animal health and the improvement of the business profit.

2016: Kanters Dairy Solutions

Kanters is expanding here activities in the cattle market. The new division, called Dairy Solutions, will focus on products and concepts that support the current and future challenges within the intensive livestock. Kanters Dairy Solutions is introduced during the EuroTier.

2016: Kanters Italia S.r.l.

Since September 2016 Kanters has opened here first foreign office. For many years, Kanters has been successfully present on the Italian market. Because the market demands more intensive technical and veterinary support from here suppliers, it was a logical step to establish Kanters Italia with here office in the beautiful city of Cesena.


De Stater 32
5737 RV Lieshout
The Netherlands

Phone number

+31 499-425 600



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Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions for all kinds of health issues and situations. Our innovative products make a positive contribution to recovery from animal disease, reducing the use of antibiotics and enhancing your farm profit.

Which product is best for your situation? That depends on your operating conditions and animal health issues. For further information and advice contact us by calling +31 499-425 600 or fill out our contact form.

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Advantages of liquid nutritional supplements

Sick animals keep drinking 

Disease often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake is maintained. As a result, sick animals are easier to support via their drinking water.

Fast and appropriate intervention

Liquid nutritional supplements can be taken quickly and efficiently by adding them to the drinking water. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and readily available.

Self-determination of the period of use

The period of use can be self-determined. Efforts can be continued or stopped with one simple operation.

Housing and sections dosed separately

Animals can be separately supported by house or section. This is not usually possible in other systems, when additives are administered to the feed.

Rations are made complete

To supplement the rations or make them complete, minerals and vitamins can very easily be added via the drinking water. Animals are thus given the necessary nutrients at the right time.

Can be used preventatively as well as for acute cases

Liquid supplements are preventative as well as being used in situations where they are deployed in acute cases.

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