BalansThe production and health of your herd are directly related to its energy intake. Kanters has developed several products that influence and support the energy intake of your herd. These products are divided into two categories; feed overheating inhibitors and drenches.

Kanters has several overheating inhibitors for TMR rations in its range. For good production results, the nutritional value of your feed is important, as well as the taste. Especially during periods of hot weather, and with feeding once per day, it can be a challenge to maintain the quality of roughage.


If your roughage is prone to overheating, there is a greater chance that your cows receive less dry matter, giving yeasts and fungi the opportunity to grow explosively, causing them to produce toxins and increase your feed losses. All overheating inhibitors produced by Kanters are prepared on the basis of organic acids such as formic acid and propionic acid.

Dairy cows usually experience an energy deficit during the transition period. This is often caused by low-energy dry cow rations, limited intake capacity and the too rapid start-up of milk production. Kanters has developed some drenches especially for this period, which are a perfect addition to the stall rations.


Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions for all kinds of health issues and situations. Our innovative products make a positive contribution to recovery from animal disease, reducing the use of antibiotics and enhancing your farm profit.

Which product is best for your situation? That depends on your operating conditions and animal health issues. For further information and advice contact us by calling +31 499-425 600 or fill out our contact form.

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Advantages of liquid nutritional supplements

Sick animals keep drinking 

Disease often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake is maintained. As a result, sick animals are easier to support via their drinking water.

Fast and appropriate intervention

Liquid nutritional supplements can be taken quickly and efficiently by adding them to the drinking water. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and readily available.

Self-determination of the period of use

The period of use can be self-determined. Efforts can be continued or stopped with one simple operation.

Housing and sections dosed separately

Animals can be separately supported by house or section. This is not usually possible in other systems, when additives are administered to the feed.

Rations are made complete

To supplement the rations or make them complete, minerals and vitamins can very easily be added via the drinking water. Animals are thus given the necessary nutrients at the right time.

Can be used preventatively as well as for acute cases

Liquid supplements are preventative as well as being used in situations where they are deployed in acute cases.

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