Everything starts with clean drinking water!

Animals drink at least twice as much as they eat. If an animal is sick or stressed, it will absorb less feed but will continue to drink. This makes water the perfect medium to support animal health with nutritional supplements. Where the feed advisor is often closely involved in business operations and management, we see in practice that the quality of the drinking water often stays behind. While these two important nutrients can reinforce each other just as well. We strive to provide all animals in intensive livestock farming with clean and healthy drinking water. To achieve this, we offer practical and sustainable solutions that contribute to pleasure and ease of work. In this case ensuring good drinking water quality and accurate administration of nutritional supplements are most important.

A unique combination of techniques in one system

Kanters Technics develops and produces sustainable techniques to keep your drinking water clean, to administer nutritional supplements to your animals in an accurate way and to prevent pollution and clogged nipple drinkers.


The sustainable water filter solution

PurAqua® water filters are intended to filter and remove contaminants from the water and therefore prevent blockages and unnecessary equipmentwear and tear in the (drinking) water system. With filters available in various capacities and grades, the PurAqua® water filter offers a suitable solution for every system.


The ideal dosing solution

The Optimus® is the ideal solution for automatic administration of liquid feed supplements and cleaning agents to drinking water in intensive and even less intensive livestock farming. The Optimus® offers the possibility to switch over to an additive quickly when the animals are suddenly in a stress situation or when their health is in question.


A clear picture of your drinking water

The Optimixx® is ideal for keeping a simple visual check of the drinking water pipework and thus gaining a clear picture of the degree of contamination. The Optimixx® allows you to actually see what is happening in the pipework. The material of the Optimixx® has a slightly coarse structure, to which contaminants and biofilm sticks quicker than other surfaces. This simple visual control now makes it possible to get a clear picture of your animal’s drinking water quality, and do so quickly.

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Clean your drinking water lines and stables with our innovative solutions!


Powerful disinfectant for a hygienically clean result in your drinking water system


When water absorption increases, a clean drinking system is very important. No more clogged drinking nipples or dirty drinking lines with Aqua-clean®. Aqua-clean® cleans and disinfects drinking water systems. Aqua-clean® is based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized with a special complex with silver. This combination ensures a long and powerful effect of Aqua-clean®. Visit the product page for more information about Aqua-clean®.


A multi-functional descaling product that removes inorganic sediments


Cal-clean is a multi-functional descaling solution based on a combination of organic acids and quaternary ammonium salts. It has been developed to remove inorganic sediment (lime scale) deposited by the water. Calcium and magnesium are both components of natural water. Combined, magnesium and calcium form the hardness of the water. Lime scale formation is directly linked to the hardness of the water. Therefore hard water is more susceptible for scale formation resulting in an increased chance on blockages due to excessive biofilm formation. In drinking systems leaking nipples are often the first signal for an excess of lime scale precipitation resulting in unnecessary water usage, wet litter and reduced water quality. Visit the product page for more information about Cal-clean.

MultiFoam Alkaline

The alkaline foam cleaner for the cleanest surfaces


MultiFoam Alkaline is a powerful, alkaline foam cleaner that has been specifically developed for cleaning heavily soiled surfaces. Due to its unique composition, the product is very effective in removing fats, protein or other organic contamination. That is why MultiFoam Alkaline is the product to clean your stables, walls, floors and inventory.

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