Optimal intestinal flora for poultry

An optimal functioning immune system for an optimal health and a higher return on investment
Today’s poultry farming demands the utmost from animals. Optimal gut health is essential for poultry to perform to their genetic potential. When animals get stressed it can lead to disturbance of intestinal flora and damage to the intestinal tract cells in the intestinal wall.

With the use of Aqua-clean®Intesti-Flora® and Ultimate Acid the intestinal flora of poultry is optimally supported. Aqua-clean® ensures clean and hygienic drinking water. Because of the preventative nature of Intesti-Forte and Ultimate Acid they can easily be used for an effective digestion and therefore an optimally functioning immune system.

The combination of these products ensures optimal intestinal health of poultry.


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The importance of clean drinking water

The health of animals is largely determined by water hygiene, a fact that is often overlooked. Drinking systems need regular cleaning, otherwise they will become polluted which stimulates growth of bacteria. Contaminated drinking water is often not visible, but can result in health issues and poor performance levels. Especially with young animals, when temperatures are high and the water flow is low, there is a high risk of bacterial growth. Pollution of drinking systems is caused by deposits like iron, manganese and calcium. But also an addition of medicines, vaccines, and additives can leave residues in the system. Aqua-clean® ensures hygienic water and a clean drinking system.


Intesti, for good intestinal health

When animals are exposed to changing conditions or stress, this can have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. disruption of the intestinal flora and damage to the intestinal epithelium) and animal health. Kanters has developed the Intesti line to provide your animals with maximum support at these times. The Intesti products are designed to provide additional support for the intestinal health of your animals during stressful periods. In addition, they reduce the number of pathogenic micro-organisms, make a positive contribution to the recovery of damaged intestinal epithelium and support the immune system. The result will be less use of antibiotics, a better technical performance and healthier animals.

Optimal intestinal health with the use of  Kanters intestinal health program for poultry


Optimal intestinal health


Intesti-Flora® is a liquid supplement for an optimal intestinal flora. It is based on copper chelates and organic acids, including lactic, propionic and sorbic acid. It also contains prebiotics in the form of fructooligosaccharides. Administer Intesti-Flora® to ensure a good intestinal function during start-up, before and after feed changes, after vaccinations and to support protein digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.

The first weeks are crucial for ensuring that chicks have a healthy and productive life. A well-developed and properly functioning intestine influences the ability to absorb nutrients and to grow efficiently. In addition, the intestine influences the chick’s ability to protect its body against diseases. The microbiota in the gut plays an essential role in this. Healthy gut microflora supports functions such as digestion and resistance against pathogens. Malabsorption Syndrome (MAS) is a commonly occurring intestinal problem. This multifactorial disorder is caused by infections in the gastrointestinal tract resulting in a low growth rate and lesions in the small intestine. The unique composition of Intesti-Flora® has a positive influence on the health of gut flora. Using Intesti-Flora® leads to a healthy gut that is resistant to potential pathogenic bacteria and able to absorb nutrients efficiently.

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Effective digestion


Ultimate Acid is based on a synergistic blend of organic acids and copper and zinc chelates. Ultimate Acid supports the natural barrier in the crop and gizzard of poultry. It stimulates the nutrient digestion and utilization. Ultimate Acid also helps to maintain an optimal balance between beneficial and pathogenic bacteria and supports the development of the intestinal tract. An optimal gastrointestinal functionality is essential for sustainable animal production.

Immediatly after hatching the intestines are developing rapidly. At an early age the body is still developing which makes the animal more susceptible for pathogenic microorganisms like E. coli and Salmonella. Also stressful situations (e.g. feed changes, climate changes, vaccination or antibiotic treatment) has implications for the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. During moments of stress, gastric pH increases and less enzymes are released. This results in undigested nutrients which cannot be absorbed into the body system and a disturbed microbial balance.

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Powerful disinfectant for a hygienic clean result


When the intake of water increases, a clean drinking system is very important. No more clogged nipples or polluted drinking lines with Aqua-clean®.
Aqua-clean® cleans and disinfects drinking water systems. Aqua-clean® is based on hydrogen peroxide enriched with a special complex containing silver. This combination ensures the heavy cleaning needs of drinking systems.

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