DarmgezondheidHealthy animals do not need medication. To support them, we are continuously looking for nutrients with a beneficial effect on intestinal health. Optimal intestinal health is crucial for the most efficient possible utilization of nutrients and the build-up of good immunity. Suppressing the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms has been a challenge for every farm business. Good intestinal health is a result of interaction between a healthy gut wall, the composition of the intestinal flora and the supply of nutrients to the intestinal flora. Kanters invests heavily in research into nutritional supplements that support gut health and contribute to antibiotic reduction. This takes into account differences between animal species and housing conditions.

See below for our specific advice and solutions for your particular livestock type.



Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions for all kinds of health issues and situations. Our innovative products make a positive contribution to recovery from animal disease, reducing the use of antibiotics and enhancing your farm profit.

Which product is best for your situation? That depends on your operating conditions and animal health issues. For further information and advice contact us by calling +31 499-425 600 or fill out our contact form.Onze i

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Advantages of liquid nutritional supplements

Sick animals keep drinking 

Disease often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake is maintained. As a result, sick animals are easier to support via their drinking water.

Fast and appropriate intervention

Liquid nutritional supplements can be taken quickly and efficiently by adding them to the drinking water. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and readily available.

Self-determination of the period of use

The period of use can be self-determined. Efforts can be continued or stopped with one simple operation.

Housing and sections dosed separately

Animals can be separately supported by house or section. This is not usually possible in other systems, when additives are administered to the feed.

Rations are made complete

To supplement the rations or make them complete, minerals and vitamins can very easily be added via the drinking water. Animals are thus given the necessary nutrients at the right time.

Can be used preventatively as well as for acute cases

Liquid supplements are preventative as well as being used in situations where they are deployed in acute cases.

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