More than 20 years Hoofcare: Nothing beats the original!

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More than 20 years Hoofcare: Nothing beats the original!

20 years the claw care product
Kanters has been active in the livestock industry for over 20 years with its own innovative claw care product line consisting of SOLKA Hoofgel, SOLKA Hoofclear and Kanters Hoofmix. Taking good care of your cows results in better animal welfare and a higher farm profits. The hoof health of dairy cows has an effect on their milk production. The use of antibiotics and formalin in combating hoof problems such as Mortellaro’s disease and interdigital dermatitis, has already been in doubt for years. Our hoofcare products keep the hooves in optimum condition and contain no antibiotics or formaldehyde. The ingredients of our hoofcare products have a very beneficial effect on the condition of the hoof, and their use is convenient for people and animals.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, our Hoofcare products have been given a new look. The EXOLIUM Hoofcare product line consists of Hoofgel (available in tube & pot) and sprayable variant Hoofclear. Because of this anniversary you can now benefit a 10% discount * on the purchase of EXOLIUM Hoofcare products.

*Discount is valid from Oct. 1. until Dec. 31 2019.

More information
Do you want more information about the EXOLIUM products? Go to the Exolium Hoofgel or Exolium Hoofclear  product page or contact your dealer. You can also reach us by calling 0499 425 600 or send an email to

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