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The common denominator between animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use is animal health. And that is a challenge for high-performing animals. You don’t have to tell a farmer that good nutrition is essential, that speaks for itself. Yet the most important nutrient doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves: namely water.

Good water quality is essential for successful business operations and healthy operating results. Water quality can be divided into two parts, chemical and microbial quality. Chemical quality includes molecules such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium, of which the last two largely determine the hardness. Hard water, expressed in German Hardness (° dH), is not harmful to animals, but can affect the duration of drinking water supply. Hard water has a buffering capacity whereby: “in the case of acidification of drinking water”, more acid is needed to lower the pH to 3.8. When the pH of the drinking water is not lowered to 4 under acidification, there is a risk of contaminated pipes. Two other minerals that can cause precipitation in the pipes are iron and manganese. This precipitation is an ideal ground for micro-organisms to form a biofilm. In addition, iron has a negative effect on the taste of the drinking water.

Microbial quality of water is determined by living organisms. Although tap water contains a low number of bacteria, the microbial pressure at the drinking point can be extremely high via a dirty piping system. Through drinking water, pathogens (pathogenic organisms) are perfectly capable of transmitting an infection from animal to animal. In short, the focus on microbial quality of drinking water goes beyond the water alone, the piping system must also be clean.

“Kanters has more than 30 years of experience in supporting animal health through water additives.”
In addition to cleaning drinking water systems, the focus is also on adding nutrients via drinking water. Especially because animals drink almost twice as much compared to what they eat and because there are circumstances in which feed intake decreases, but where water intake remains the same, water is ideally suited for nutritional support. Water quality is very important for this. Kanters strives for a customized advice that’s not just the adding of water additives. The water quality is taken into account for the optimal choice in the use of water additives.

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