Dosing module Optimus succesfully installed in Italy

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Dosing module Optimus succesfully installed in Italy


Kanters Technics is specialized in the development, production and implementation of dosing modules for liquid food supplements, antibiotics and water disinfectants. With our sustainable technology, we contribute efficiently to animal health and welfare in (intensive) livestock farming by guaranteeing an optimal dosage of the supplements.

As a part of our approach we recently produced two additives dosing boards “combination of three Optimus dosing modules” for a client in Italy. After the pre-installation at the factory in Lieshout, the board was transported to Italy were our installer did the final installation at the clients farms.


The additives dosing boards were tailor made to the wishes of our Italian customer. By taking into account the exact objective for the systems we were able to meet all the clients demands. Because our client wanted to provide each section of the barn with a dedicated water supply, we equipped the boards with 3 possible water flows (Clean-, Acidified- or Medicinal Water). Each board is also equipped with dedicated dosing pumps for each product. By doing so we minimize the chance of human error and we exclude carry –over or other possible dangerous reactions related to drinking water additives. However, the board is also equipped with bypasses so that it’s possible to provide a combination of additives.

To ensure a good functioning system we selected volumetric water meters which are very accurate (even at a low flow) and we added transparent pipes to check on biofilm formation. By using a back pressure valve, the module creates a constant release of fluid, regardless the water pressure. For the operational security of the system with gaseous products like Aqua-clean® a bleeding valve  is added to prevent gas accumulation and all components are made from RVS, PVDF, PTFE and FPM.

Therefore the feed additives dosing board is easy to use, very accurate and not vulnerable for corrosive products what makes it a perfect management tool for every chicken and Pig farmer.

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If you have any questions about installing a drinking water system in your stable, or if you have any doubts about the quality of the drinking water for your animals, please contact our Sales manager Kanters Technics.

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