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The subject that brings animal welfare and the reduction of the use of antibiotics in livestock farms together is animal health. This subject is a big challenge for the high-performing livestock animals. That good nutrition is essential for animal health is obviously clear for every farmer. Besides this all, animals’ main nutrient, which is water, does not get the appreciation it deserves.

Livestock farmers can use the flexibility of water additives for a quick conversion, for example for the use of medicines and vaccinations. Because animals drink almost twice as much as they eat and because there are situations where feed intake drops, but where water absorption remains the same, water is an ideal way for nutritional support.

In order to consider further options for nutritional value of water additives, first of all, the quality of the water needs to be considered as very important. All additions, including medications and vaccinations, are influenced by the quality of water. Water quality can be divided in two parts; chemical and microbial quality. Chemical quality includes molecules such as iron, manganese, calcium and magnesium, whereof the last two largely determine the hardness of the water. Too much minerals cause precipitation in the pipes that can cause leakages. Precipitation is also an ideal soil for microorganisms that form biofilm. Although too many molecules can cause a nuisance, a shortage of minerals may also cause problems. Water that is purified from all salts and minerals, as is the case with reverse osmosis for instance, is called “aggressive water.” This water is able to dissolve concrete. In practice there is a relationship between this aggressive water and lameness. Also, water loses its buffering capacity, resulting in small addition of acids (as usual for Salmonella control) that can significantly lower the pH level. This can lead to undrinkable water which, in practice, has serious consequences.

Microbial quality of water is determined by living organism. Although tap water contains a low number of bacteria, the microbial pressure at the drink nipple can be enormously high through a contaminated conduit system. Through the drinking water system, pathogenic organisms are excellent in transporting an animal-to-animal infection. To summarize, the scope of microbial quality in drinking water goes beyond water alone, it’s very important that the piping system is also clean.

Kanters develops and sells water additives that are aimed to optimize animal health. At the start, a chicks intestinal tract is in development and very sensitive to disturbances. Through the drinking water, protein digestion in the stomach can be supported very easily. Organic acids in different compositions and combined with organically bound minerals improve protein digestion, leaving fewer proteins available for bacterial fermentation in the intestinal tract. This reduces the chance of wet litter and therefore also influences the house climate.

To summarize, water has many sides and ways in which water quality has a big impact on the used water additives. Kanters has over 30 years of experience in supporting animal health through water additives. Through water, health can be accurately supported, each situation requires a specific approach.

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