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Clean drinking water is essential for animal health and performance. Water is one of the main nutrients, meaning that contaminated drinking water is a serious threat to the health of your animals, and the associated technical results. The cleaning and disinfection of your drinking water system is thus of great importance.

Doing a system check:
1. It all starts at the source: the quality of the water at the end of the pipeline is, of course, largely dependent on the water quality at the source. High iron, manganese and nitrate levels are frequently found In groundwater. The incoming water should therefore be regularly checked.

2. Water temperature: try to avoid warming of the water by using pipes with the correct diameter and sufficient flow. A high temperature favours the growth of bacteria.

3. Dead spots: dead spots, or pipes leading to unused taps with stagnant water, are excellent places for the development of biofilm.

4. Sagging pipes: biofilm forms easily in sagging pipes. In order to prevent the development of biofilm, it is important to build the system as efficiently and tightly as possible.

5. Additives via drinking water: medications, vaccinations or acids can cause contamination of the drinking water. Make sure that you clean the system with a suitable agent such as Aqua-clean before and after the use of such additives in drinking water.

Use of Aqua-clean®:
It is important to provide good-quality drinking water to ensure the optimum performance of your animals,. By checking the above items and, if necessary, making adjustments, you are on the right track! But an efficient and tight system is not sufficient on its own to maintain good water quality. Regular cleaning with a suitable product is extremely important. Aqua-clean® is based on hydrogen peroxide stabilized with a complex of silver. This combination makes for a prolonged and powerful cleaning and disinfecting operation.

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