Our Innovation Manager introduces himself to you

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Our Innovation Manager introduces himself to you

Hello, my name is Bram van de Molengraaf and on 1 November 2018 I started at Kanters as an innovation manager. I myself received training at HAS Den Bosch, after which I worked as a production manager for 3 years and then ended up in education. For 17 years I gave practical lessons at a high school and led the laboratory. After that I came to Kanters to take on a new challenge.

Within Kanters I am responsible for a number of tasks. Firstly, I hold the position of R&D manager and is therefore responsible for the course of our R&D program. I am going to streamline the R&D processes within Kanters so that we can respond more quickly to changes in the market, so that we can always provide our customers with the best and the most innovative products. Secondly, I am in charge of procurement policy and I am the contact person for our suppliers of our raw materials. Further on am I also responsible for quality management issues, where I am going to further improve Kanters’ already high standard.

In addition to Kanters, I also have my own brewery at home in Mierlo, which I run with my wife. The brewery is less than a year old, but already in the store and a great success. The volumes are different from Kanters, but they also work with the same precision and pleasure.

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