Applicable in cases of Milk fever. Increases the calcium level in the blood of dairy cattle within 15 minutes.



What is Calvinizor
Calvinizor is a supplementary feed specially developed to increase calcium levels in the blood of your dairy cows within 15 minutes. It is a mixture of rapidly-absorbable calcium chloride solution supplemented with propylene glycol and a vitamin B complex. The product is provided together with a Drench gun.

The effect of calcium chloride
Calcium chloride is a salt which is widely used in the food industry. In animal husbandry it is a recognized product for the treatment of milk fever. Milk fever occurs when the udder withdraws large amounts of calcium from the body after and around calving, when the milk starts to flow. As well as being a principal ingredient in milk, calcium also plays an important role in the proper functioning of the animal body. When calcium levels in the blood become too low, muscle function can be compromised so that the cow can sometimes no longer stand. The rumen function simultaneously decreases, the contraction of the uterus decreases, risking retention of the placenta, and various other bodily functions are disturbed. The provision of calcium chloride prevents calcium deficiency.

When to use Calvinizor
Calvinizor is successfully used at times when the calcium supply of dairy cows requires support. Calvinizor is most often applied before and after calving (for prevention of calcium deficits and / or milk fever), but it can also be used if the placenta remains in the animal, or for rapid achievement of a high milk yield.

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