Exolium Hoofmix

Healthy hooves by preventive group application. Supports the hooves in case of infections.




What is Exolium® Hoofmix
Exolium® Hoofmix is specially developed for hoof baths and is used as alternative for formalin and copper sulphate. By using Exolium® Hoofmix the risk of infection can be reduced.

What to expect
– Still effective at low temperatures
– Safe for user and animals

When to use
– Can be used in every hoof bath

How to use
A base dosis of 3% Exolium® Hoofmix is advised, however depending on how severe the infection is the dose can be adjusted to a range between 2-5% Exolium® Hoofmix. It is desirable to use Exolium® Hoofmix per 14 to 21 days, whereby it is important that the footbath has sufficient volume (min. 150L, measures min. 200 x 80 x 12 cm). In addition, the content of the footbath needs to be refreshed after maximal 150 crossings.

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