NRG Drench

Specifically developed for the transition period of your cows, to supplement in case of a possible energy shortage.



What is NRG Drench
NRG Drench is a specially developed food additive for the transition period of your cows, to supplement a possible energy shortage. It is a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, supplemented with Niacin and a vitamin B complex. The product is provided together with a Drench gun.

The effect of propylene glycol and Niacin
The use of propylene glycol during the dry period of the lactation cycle, and in the early stages of lactation, supports the health and milk production of your animals. Propylene glycol is a building block for the formation of glucose. This process, known as glycogenesis, takes place mainly in the liver and is especially important at the beginning of lactation. If sufficient glucose cannot be produced during this period, glucose precursors (such as amino acids and glycerol from adipose tissue) are transferred from the body and mobilized to produce glucose. This inevitably involves the mobilization of body fat or muscle. Niacin promotes the formation of glucose and inhibits the breakdown of adipose tissue, ensuring that the onset of ketosis is counteracted. It can also have a positive effect on fermentation in the rumen, because it is a growth factor for rumen bacteria. In summary: Niacin supports the metabolism and makes more energy available.

When to use NRG Drench
NRG Drench is successfully used at times when the energy supply of dairy cows requires support. This may be around calving, during periods of reduced forage intake or during other times of stress.

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