Nutriforte® Cow

Liquid minerals for healthy cows. Supports fertility, udder health and hoof condition.



Did you know that over 50% of the water drunk by cows passes through the rumen? If you provide minerals in the water supply, they are much more available for absorption in the intestine, and have a superior availability compared with dry minerals. Therefore, Kanters developed Nutriforte® Cow, which is an innovative liquid mineral mix for use in drinking water.

Nutriforte® Cow is easily administered via an automatic dosing system. The number of cows and the desired quantity of minerals per cow per day are input to computer. The water meter measures the water usage, which is recorded by the computer.

The computer calculates how many grammes of minerals should be injected per litre of water,
and automatically adjusts the dosage if the water intake rises or falls. This ensures that your cows always have the correct quantity of minerals and prevents deficits. It also gives you easy control over the mineral uptake.

Once set up, the accuracy of the computer prevents human error, gives a homogeneous mixture during the day, and prevents losses in the form of residual food or dust.

If you have any questions about Nutriforte® Cow please contact us by phone +31-499 425 600 or fill in the contactform.

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