Nutripreserve® Tasty

To prevent overheating, resulting in fresh and tasteful feed while maintaining nutritional values. Contains sugar-rich products.




What is Nutripreserve® Tasty
Nutripreserve® Tasty is a product based on a mixture of buffered organic acids such as formic acid, propionic acid and sorbic acid in combination with products- and by-products of the confectionery industry. Nutripreserve® Tasty is available in liquid form and can be mixed in the silage or TMR mixer with the roughage.

The effect of organic acids and glucose
Organic acids have been used for more than 50 years to reduce bacterial growth and mould in feedstuffs and thus preserve hygienic quality. Due to their preservative properties the nutritional value of the feed is ensured which leads to stable animal health and increased performance. Products- and by-products of the confectionery industry contain high concentrations of sugar (glucose) which makes the silage more palatable in combination with organic acids. Feeding (extra) glucose leads furthermore to increased dry matter in take, butyric concentrations in the rumen and milk fat yield, depending on the diet formulation. Glucose also functions as an extra energy source for the animal in case there is a need for direct available energy, for instance when the energy content of the silage is lower than expected. In addition, the advantage of (by)products of the confectionery industry is that it has sticky properties which keeps the TMR properly mixed.

When to use
Nutripreserve® Tasty is successfully used in case of heated silage, which results in fresh and tasty feed with a preserved nutritional value. Nutripreserve® Tasty stimulates furthermore the feed intake and increases the milk yield.

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