Prevention is better than cure. By deploying Kanters solutions in advance, you can support your animals when critical periods are expected during the cycle. In this way you can help keep their health in balance.

We have developed various acid mixtures which reduce the pH of the water and preserve the feed. Organic acids reduce the pH in the stomach, which supports protein digestion and keeps the intestinal flora in balance.

Liquid nutritional supplements also help our cleaning and disinfection agents and care products such as chick paper, hoof care products and feed overheating inhibitors, in maintaining optimal animal health. See below for our specific advice and solutions for your particular livestock type.

Advantages of liquid nutritional supplements

Sick animals keep drinking 

Disease often results in a reduced feed intake, while the water intake is maintained. As a result, sick animals are easier to support via their drinking water.

Fast and appropriate intervention

Liquid nutritional supplements can be taken quickly and efficiently by adding them to the drinking water. Nutrition via drinking water is easily absorbed and readily available.

Self-determination of the period of use

The period of use can be self-determined. Efforts can be continued or stopped with one simple operation.

Housing and sections dosed separately

Animals can be separately supported by house or section. This is not usually possible in other systems, when additives are administered to the feed,.

Rations are made complete

To supplement the rations or make them complete, minerals and vitamins can very easily be added via the drinking water. Animals are thus given the necessary nutrients at the right time.

Can be used preventatively as well as for acute cases

Liquid supplements are preventative as well as being used in situations where they are deployed in acute cases.

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