The importance of early nutrition in broilers

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Normally, chicks have no access to food and water for 24 to 72 hours after hatching. This has a negative influence on the development of the gastro-intestinal tract and the absorption of the remainder of the yolk. Immediately after the first intake of food, the chick’s intestine will be colonized by large numbers of bacteria. It has been shown that direct access to feed in the post-hatching period speeds up intestinal development, and allows the intestine to develop optimally. It has been recently established that there is an interaction between diet, gut microbiota and the immune system. The composition of the intestinal flora is affected by the rations and will affect the development of immunity. The speed of water and feed intake after hatching is therefore also important for the development of the immune system.

The sound of chickpaper
In practice, there is usually no possibility of giving chicks access to food and water immediately after hatching. This possibility is usually only available in the house. It is extremely important that chicks make immediate use of chick paper on arrival at the house. This is a simple method to guide one-day old chicks to food and water. The idea is simple: the paper makes a distinct rustling sound and can be placed below the drinking water line. When the first chicks walk on the surface, it, creates a rustling sound. This attracts other chicks, and after a while most of the chicks will be sitting on the chick paper, close to feed and water. By means of the deposition of feed on the paper, chicks have even easier access to food. The paper has a high absorptive capacity so that the droppings are rapidly absorbed. It is easily degradable and therefore does not need to be removed from the house. It degrades in three to five days, depending on the type of paper.

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