Supporting the fertility of your sows with Pro-Mac

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Would you like fewer returnees and more uniform piglets? The provision of plenty of nutrients to your sows plays an important role in this.

The improvement of technical results of sows is not always easy. Many factors are important. The provision of sufficient nutrients is an important factor in order to achieve good technical results.

– Food during lactation: Feed has a significant influence on the body weight of the sow during lactation. Research has shown that lower weight loss and improved condition of the sow allows for increased litter sizes. Offering easily absorbable nutrients to the sow allows shortages to be better complemented, meaning that better condition can be effectively achieved.

– Food during the dry period: Research has shown that the hormone responsible for ovulation, luteinising hormone (LH), is affected by the insulin level in the blood. The provision of additional energy for ovulation leads to an increase in the glucose and insulin levels that induce the production of LH. It is therefore very important to provide the sow with extra energy in the period between weaning and insemination.

– Food during the first four weeks of gestation: The embryos will settle in the uterus during the first four weeks of gestation and the umbilical cord will attach itself to the uterine wall. If the sows are provided with extra energy during this period, the embryos will settle better and the umbilical cord will be thicker. Adding sufficient nutrients is therefore of great importance.

How can Pro-Mac help with this?
Pro-Mac is based on vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids, glucose, and plant extracts. Pro-Mac contains a large amount of energy and all the nutrients in Pro-Mac are easily available. This ensures that a Pro-Mac product is very suitable for the optimization of the technical results of the sows.

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