Remove yeasts and moulds with Kanters Acid AMY

The acidification of food is centuries old. People have already been using acids in their food for a long time in their food to keep it good for consumption. It soon became clear that bacteria do not stand a chance if food has a high acidity and therefore a low pH. Why acid in our […]

Supporting claw problems in sows

Recently there has been a lot of attention for the claw health of sows in Europe. This is due to the upcoming European welfare regulation. This regulation states that gestating sows have to be housed in groups. Group housing can be very hard on the legs and claws of the sows. In the Netherlands there […]

Supporting high egg production in layers

Pro-Mac is the nutritional energy boost which enables egg producing birds to cope with stressful and difficult situations. Support the birds towards the peak of egg production with Pro-Mac! Next to a high-quality feed, it is easy to provide extra minerals through the drinking water. Research indicates that Pro-Mac helps in improving the egg production […]

How to wean your piglets smoothly

In several European countries (such as Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Poland and Scandinavia), the use of antibiotics after weaning piglets has been reduced due to the short-term application of high concentrations of zinc oxide (ZnO) in feed. Direct after weaning a dose of about 2.5 to 3 kg / ton […]


Clean drinking water essential for successful business operations

The common denominator between animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use is animal health. And that is a challenge for high-performing animals. You don’t have to tell a farmer that good nutrition is essential, that speaks for itself. Yet the most important nutrient doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves: namely water. Good water […]

How normal water can be special

The subject that brings animal welfare and the reduction of the use of antibiotics in livestock farms together is animal health. This subject is a big challenge for the high-performing livestock animals. That good nutrition is essential for animal health is obviously clear for every farmer. Besides this all, animals’ main nutrient, which is water, […]

Water ‘floats our boat’

Tap or bottled water is meant to be drunk. It is clean and provides us with our most precious nutrient water. Furthermore, it does not contain microbial pollution, toxins or chemical compounds. But what’s so normal in water for us humans is not often the case for the water we provide to farm animals, even […]

Discover the formula for clean drinking water!

Clean drinking water is essential for animal health and performance. Water is one of the main nutrients, meaning that contaminated drinking water is a serious threat to the health of your animals, and the associated technical results.

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