Heat stress significantly affects milk production

Heat stress, an even more topical subject since last year. For all types of fast-growing and well-producing animals – pigs, broilers, laying hens, beef- and dairy cows -, it is a hot item. Heat stress: a chain reaction! A dairy cow is a high productive walking milk factory! To produce a high amount of milk, […]

“Organic acids?” From facts to farm or from farm to facts?

“Organic acids?” From facts to farm or from farm to facts? While the antibiotic usage within the livestock industry is steadily reducing over the past decade, we need to keep the animals in good health to reach their full genetic potential. Organic acids are successfully used for a good intestinal function during the starter period, […]

The effect of Kanters Acid Ca/P on milk production of sows

The effect of Kanters Acid Ca/P on milk production of sows New field trial results indicate that Kanters Acid Ca/P can increase the milk yield of the sow in the first week after farrowing. In cooperation with ‘De Heus Animal Nutrition’ a milk scan is performed to get insights in the milk yield of the […]

Supporting claw problems in sows

Recently there has been a lot of attention for the claw health of sows in Europe. This is due to the upcoming European welfare regulation. This regulation states that gestating sows have to be housed in groups. Group housing can be very hard on the legs and claws of the sows. In the Netherlands there […]


Our Innovation Manager introduces himself to you

Our Innovation Manager introduces himself to you Hello, my name is Bram van de Molengraaf and on 1 November 2018 I started at Kanters as an innovation manager. I myself received training at HAS Den Bosch, after which I worked as a production manager for 3 years and then ended up in education. For 17 […]

Clean drinking water essential for successful business operations

The common denominator between animal welfare and the reduction of antibiotic use is animal health. And that is a challenge for high-performing animals. You don’t have to tell a farmer that good nutrition is essential, that speaks for itself. Yet the most important nutrient doesn’t always get the appreciation it deserves: namely water. Good water […]

How normal water can be special

The subject that brings animal welfare and the reduction of the use of antibiotics in livestock farms together is animal health. This subject is a big challenge for the high-performing livestock animals. That good nutrition is essential for animal health is obviously clear for every farmer. Besides this all, animals’ main nutrient, which is water, […]

Water ‘floats our boat’

Tap or bottled water is meant to be drunk. It is clean and provides us with our most precious nutrient water. Furthermore, it does not contain microbial pollution, toxins or chemical compounds. But what’s so normal in water for us humans is not often the case for the water we provide to farm animals, even […]

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