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Kanters is specialized in the development, manufacture and supply of liquid nutritional supplements for intensive livestock farming. Our extensive range of liquid nutritional supplements, cleaning and disinfecting agents, chick paper and hoof care products provides a complete solution to you as a farmer. Our solutions support animal health, promote animal welfare, and together we improve your business profits. Choose a category below where we can be of service:



 Cleaning and disinfection agents

A hygienic environment is essential for a successful farming business. Bacteria, yeasts and mould are potential threats to both animal health and business results. Water from both the source and the water pipes can be a breeding ground for pathogenic organisms. These organisms can form biofilm. This is the red or brown slimy deposit that can be found in most water pipes. Clean drinking water is, therefore, like good industrial hygiene, a first step to a healthy environment. Our hygiene products help you create and maintain a healthy environment.



Support for lasting animal health

Animal health may be adversely affected by disrupted intestinal flora. During critical periods such as feed changeovers, vaccinations, startup of milk production and weaning, the general resistance and intestinal health of the animal come under pressure. This can have a negative impact on production parameters such as feed efficiency and fertility. Our balance products, which contain among other things organic acids and minerals, support intestinal health.

Optimal rations for cattle

In warm weather, and with feeding once per day, the taste and nutritional value of forage can deteriorate. Feed intake drops and your cows absorb less dry matter, resulting in reduced milk yields. The deployment of our overheating inhibitors provides fresh, cool and tasty food.



Care products for better animal welfare

For good operating results, sometimes more than good industrial hygiene and nutritional additives are needed. Kanters has developed several products to support the animal’s health from mouth to rear and from head to toe. Products in our range are focused on the start of chick rearing, hoof care of ungulates and support of the respiratory tract, including heat stress.

Gut health

Gut health

Supporting gut health

During stressful periods, problems with digestion may be experienced. The combination of reduced resistance and a high infection rate by pathogenic micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, can have dramatic consequences. Right now, as the use of antibiotics in livestock farming is under pressure, our products offer a solution through their unique compositions. Our products contain ingredients such as fatty acids like butyric acid, minerals, prebiotics and herbal extracts. As a result, the growth of potential pathogenic bacteria is suppressed.



Promoting technical results

An animal can only achieve maximum performance under optimal conditions. Drinking water plays an important role as well as management, bio-security and nutrition. Our drinking water additives contain vitamins, amino acids, minerals and glucose and thus provide a nutritional supplement.

” I can give my birds clean water thanks to Aqua-clean from Kanters.
This allows water intake to increase, which promotes good health.”

Klaas Timmer, poultry farmer from Meerkerk (110,000 broilers).

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“Organic acids? From facts to farm of from farm to facts?

While the antibiotic usage within the livestock industry is steadily reducing over the past decade, we need to keep the animals in good health to reach their full genetic potential. Organic acids are successfully used for a good intestinal function during the starter period, before- and after feed changes, after vaccinations and to support the protein digestion within the gastro-intestinal tract.


How to stay cool during heat stress

Essential oils have a wide range of manners to provide respiratory support. The mode of action of these compounds are based on antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory effects like the breakdown of mucus in the respiratory tract and suppressing coughing while helping to widen the airways.

Discover the formula for clean drinking water!


Clean drinking water is essential for animal health and performance. Water is one of the main nutrients, meaning that contaminated drinking water is a serious threat to the health of your animals, and the associated technical results. The cleaning and disinfection of your drinking water system is thus of great importance.

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