Nutritional energy booster. Supports the immune system.



What is Pro-Mac®
An energy boost with additional nutrients. Pro-Mac® has a rich formulation containing amino acids, minerals, vitamins, organic acids, glucose and essential oils.

Much more than vitamins
The complex composition of Pro-Mac® is targeting specifically on providing extra energy and nutrients plus stimulating the natural immune system. Pro-Mac® contains four essential amino acids; metionine, tryptofaan, theonine and lysine which form in many situations the limiting building blocks in protein formation. Pro-Mac® contains the minerals copper, zinc, calcium and magnesium. Besides building blocks, Pro-Mac® optimizes the usage of dietary nutrients. Organic acids facilitate the protein digestion[i] whereas lactic acid and the prebiotic inuline are both known to stimulate the positive bacteria in the intestinal tract. Vitamin B has an important role in the fat-, carbohydrate- and protein digestion. Pro-Mac® also contains Ginseng and Echinacea purpura. Ginseng is derived from the root of a medicinal plant which is known for its promoting function on the immune system. In chickens Ginseng has been demonstrated to increase the antibody titers after vaccination. From Echinacea purpura a similar stimulation effect on the immune system has been demonstrated. Direct energy in Pro-Mac® is available in the form of glucose, fructose and maca powder.

How to use Pro-Mac®
Pro-Mac® cannot be compared with a vitamin or electrolyte product. The energy rich complex composition has been demonstrated to have an positive effect during specific moments in the production cycle. Furthermore experimental trials have shown that Pro-Mac® stimulates the immune system which resulted in increased immunoglobulin titers after vaccination.

It is important to use Pro-Mac® only in situations in which animals have no symptoms of intestinal disbalance like wet litter.

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